WDNSABSOOTBCNSBT is a book made of reappropriated scans1of the Scandinavian Design Report.2The report, written in the 1960s, panned Irish design.3I blocked out text leaving only the negative comments (which make up the majority of the report). The remaining text shows how hierarchical and subjective a definition of good design is.4

1These were scanned for me from an original copy by very kind archivists at the National Gallery.

2The Scandinavian Design Report was a report commissioned by the Irish government on the state of Irish design at the time. Its name derives from its authors — 5 designers from Sweden, Norway and Finland.

3The title is an acronym of one of the most indignant criticisms in the report — "We did not see any black sheep on our travels, but could somebody not breed them?". It was also chosen as title as it summarises the report's outraged demand for change.

4Pierre Bourdieu spoke of the concept of 'legitimate taste', taste that is defined by the wealthy and those in power. The report indicates that this exists in design — Irish design of the 1960s is bad (i.e untasteful) by the judgement of the culturally legitimate Scandinavian designers.

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