I love you

I love you was designed in response to a brief from the International Society of Typographic Designers Student Assessments 2016 for a publication that 'visits death'.I passed the assessment and was awarded ISTD membership for this project. In contemporary society, death is hidden from us in morgues and graveyards and polite phrases — he passed away, rest in peace. More often, we experience death through our electronic devices — my phone is dead, the blue screen of death,1an Xbox’s ring of death.

Drawing from this, I made an artbook about the ILOVEYOU virus. ILOVEYOU was a virus spread by an email claiming to be a love letter from a friend or colleague.2The virus is used as a symbol of the crossover between the human and digital, between the organic death and technological death.

1The blue cover of the book is inspired by the blue screen of death. All design decisions have a rationale relating to the virus. The orange appears as a hexcode within the code of the virus. Arial is used as the typeface for its associations with early Microsoft computers. The type setting emulates how text appeared in early text editors used for coding.

2 This email is reproduced in the book. No original text was written for the book. The first section tells the story of the coder of the virus Onel de Guzman through reappropriated forum posts and news articles. In the second section the code of the virus is reproduced. Finally the text of the aforementioned email is reproduced along with the text for the blue screen of death.

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