Jamie Smyth
Graphic designer
London based, Waterford born
+353 877440707

Pentagram, B.A.M, Peter Willberg, Tortoise Media, Mark Porter Associates

Why Not Associates, Red&Grey

100 Archive In With The New, Neville Brody, Typewolf Site Of The Day


A research project into printer steganography, a hidden digital watermark that is embedded on anything that is laserprinted. The project was a contribution to a book by Folium Publishing and was exhibited at ArtLacuna.


Tortoise Quarterly

Tortoise Quarterly is the first print edition of Tortoise, a news organisation with the goal of slowing down the news. Taking this goal as a starting point, the design of the Quarterly is closer to a book than a magazine or a newspaper. Cover designed with Jon Hill.


Action for Education campaign

Action for Education, a nonprofit that provides schooling to refugees in Greece, needed an identity for a fundraising campaign. The campaign used a series of hands representing the different actions volunteers could do to fundraise.



A woodblock typeface reappropriating the type from a Tesco receipt. The disposability of a receipt is contrasted with the art-object status of contemporary letterpress printing.


i love you

I love you

I love you was a virus spread by an email claiming to be a love letter from a friend or colleague. The book tells the story of the virus, contrasting the organic nature of how it spread with its digital consequence.